Monday, August 4, 2008

Gary remembers MARILYN...

I must say how much I loved Marilyn all my life. I have seen every movie at least 60 times and know some of the dialogue of some of them. She will never be replaced and can't ever be, she was unique and always will be. They have tried to imitate her but it can't be done and never will be. I have read every book, I have every thing on LP or CD and can't ever get enough. She was a talented comedienne and a wonderful dramatic actress much too underrated. The scren loved he I loved her, we all loved her. Thank god for film and music and pictures we can enjoy her forever!! I remember as a child taken to the Roxy theatre on 7th Ave to see Gentleman Prefer Blondes, to the Criterion to see her in Cinemascope for How To Marry a Millionaire which I adore, and when i saw her even in my own neighborhood in Niagara I sat with my mouth wide open. The ad read see the two wonders of the world Niagara Falls and M mmmmmmmmmmmm. She sure was something. I was on my way to the subway that hot August morning when I spied the headline on the front page MARILYN DEAD. I actually stopped dead in my tracks and couldnt move. She was larger than life very vulnerable and yet full of life up on that screen. I could go on, 7 Year Itch, Some Like it Hot etc etc. As Loreli Lee would say...THANKS EVAH SO!! all my love to you goddess and to all my friends. Gary S from TBA

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