Monday, September 1, 2008

Gary's night at the theatre with RITA MORENO

Well gang heres an old story of mine that I have written before but I think its worth sharing again. Going back to the 80's I went to a matinee of The Rink which starred Liza with Chita and low and behold who was sitting in the seat right next to me RITA MORENO. We were both alone, we had a most friendly coversation which included how much of a Liza fan she was and absolutley adored the talented Chita Rivera. We all know that Rita did Chitas original part in West Side Story but according to Rita this was indeed an honor for her as she went on to win the Oscar in 1961 and was quite and fan and friend of Chitas. Put aside a supposed feud of any kind. Rita was so sweet and looked fabulous that she offered me a piece of her Chuckles candy remember those?? Anyway we both loved the show and adored both Liza and Chita who won her first Tony that year as Liza's mom in The Rink. Wasn't it a hoot to share that with Rita? I did see Chita in the original West Side Story in 1957 and if you asked me who was the better in the part I would have to be diplomatic and say that they were BOTH wonderful. What a way to see a show, what company what a great moment, all my love, Gary s from TBA

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