Friday, July 4, 2008

LORNA LUFT~Songs My Mother Taught Me~review by BRADLY BRIGGS

MOVING & MAGNIFICENT...BRAVO LORNA!!!, February 22, 2008 A complete labor of love, "Songs My Mother Taught Me" is a wondrous & totally awesome collection of brilliant performances from Judy Garland's youngest daughter who happens to possess a voice that is one of the finest from her generation and should have been a blockbuster success as is clearly displayed throughout this magical tribute that Judy Garland would have been very proud of...amazing Lorna didn't achieve widespread acclaim before now as her tremendous talent is totally awesome as shown in this stunning collection of amazing and yes, enchanting & wonderfully magical soul-stirring performances!!! Starting with Judy's sublime & deeply moving performance of "Lorna" from her classic CBS television extravaganza, this was one of the many great moments from the legendary series and what an opener for this mesmerizing tribute celebration which translates beautifully to this brilliantly recorded collection...Lorna embraces her mothers incredible talent and as a result shows her own and shines...Lorna is gifted and a credit to her legendary genes...the lady can sing!!! Don't miss the chance to see this extremely moving & stunning tour-de-force tribute live as it is filled with many deserved standing ovations and not a dry eye in the house...Bravo Lorna and your time has finally come...overdue but it is here & now and with this great recording available for all who appreciate great talent to savor and enjoy over and over!!!

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