Monday, July 28, 2008

Stranger's" is Bette at her Bradly Briggs

"Stranger's" is Bette at her finest and what a classic pairing with Gena who was at her finest...two great acting Diva's in one movie is always a treat and I was so happy when Bette won the Emmy Award for this moving performance...another latter day Davis tour-de-force is "A Piano For Mrs. Camino" and the range that Bette displays in this classic is stunning and I love her in "White Mama" which was around the same time...Bette was peak in all of these and a Grand Dame supporting role in "Little Gloria, Happy At Last" which was filmed not long before her stroke which she amazingly overcame and even continued making films after that devastating blow. Nobody compares to this incredible legend and it was fun seeing her this morning in "Gloria" with Glynis Johns, Angela Lansbury and Maureen Stapleton...all of these films should be on DVD as treasures such as these are never going to happen again...we marveled four hours this morning how great they use to make films and "Gloria"was just for TV and I think it was a mini-series. Best wishes to everyone and it is exciting that Liza continues to give these stunning live performances!!! Bradly

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