Friday, October 31, 2008

Gary, Sammy, & Tom go to lunch!

Tom & Gary
Gary & Sammy...Musicman you are awesome, I had the best time and am looking foward to many more, love Sammy & Tom.

Lunch: 'The Menu'?
Dear Bryan, well we talked and talked and talked about the group(wouldnt you like to know teehee!!) and we talked about old movies, stars, computers, sex, food, Liza of course, sex, art work, musicians and artists, sex, friendships, our favorite shows on TV, sex wait a minute there is a pattern here lol but I am only half kidding. We literally watched the lunch crowd turn into the dinner crowd. The best part is how Sammy and I switched our salads that were meant to be taken home for a munch later or the next day. You can imagine our face when we both discovered that we each had taken tyhe wrong package home. My garbage really enjoyed that lol. Anyway with a larger group including you peanuts and the rest of the gang as Liza would say OH MY NERVES and we would still be there up until and including breakfast the next day. A geat time was had by all and we missed everybody else. And Bryan you are so F******* nosy anyway. All my love toyou and everyone, Gary S from TBA.

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