Sunday, October 5, 2008


ARREST: June 14, 1989
CHARGE: Battery against an officer; disobeying an officer; driving without a registration; driving without a license; driving with an open container of alcohol.
It was a sunny June day as Zsa Zsa Gabor, actress and author of the gold digger's Bible, The Complete Guide to Men, drove her Rolls Royce Corniche through Beverly Hills. A motorcycle police officer, Paul Kramer, appeared alongside the Rolls and directed her to pull over. He then instructed the actress to hand over her license and registration.
Ms. Gabor retrieved both items from the glove compartment. Unfortunately, they had both expired. After a ten-minute wait, while officer Kramer was checking her for priors, Ms. Gabor uttered a few choice words and drove off. Officer Kramer gave chase and pulled Ms. Gabor over again. This time he asked her to step out of the car and she came out swinging, slapping the officer in the face, knocking his regulation sunglasses to the asphalt.
Officer Kramer arrested Ms. Gabor and called for back-up to take her to the police station. According to Ms. Gabor's statement, Officer Kramer had handcuffed her so tightly that her wrists were bruised so severely she was unable to attend a charity event that evening. A cursory search of her vehicle turned up a silver flask of bourbon, adding another charge to her arrest. Ms. Gabor was taken to the Beverly Hills police station and booked on five charges. At the station house it was discovered that Ms. Gabor had indeed renewed her registration.
However, she had overpaid for it and the ensuing bureaucratic red tape delayed receipt of her now tags. The flask turned out to be the property of Ms. Gabor's eighth husband, Prince Frederick von Anhalt. After leaving the station, Ms. Gabor remarked to assembled reporters that her police experience "was like Nazi Germany." About Officer Kramer, she told People magazine, -You should have seen the hatred in his eyes." As for slapping the officer, she quipped, "I have a Hungarian temper."
Later dissatisfied with the trial proceedings in Beverly Hills Municipal Court, which seemed to be heading to a routine sentencing, Ms. Gabor's attorney, Harrison Bull, called six witnesses to support his motion for a new trial. When Judge Charles Rubin denied the motion, Mr. Bull called three witnesses to defend Ms. Gabor's character. Judge Rubin found her guilty of slapping Officer Kramer and of two of the traffic offenses. He then sentenced Ms. Gabor to seventy-two hours in jail, one-hundred-and-twenty hours of community service, and $13,000 in court costs.


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love this post. when was that on the insider????

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Hi, glad you like the post, I thought it was interesting to see Zsa Zsa again too,the TV show was on just last week, thanks, Sammy.