Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bradly & Joe meeting CONNIE Bradly Briggs

Connie is another incredible talent and in person very real and caring...lucky to see Connie with a full orch w/Vincent Falcone conducting (Sinatra's) in 85, in 90 at The Celebrity theater in the round and took a close friend in the final stages of Aids and we lined up at the stage door and the reception that Connie gave us was something that to this day when I really think about it brings me to caring with my friend Joe Rella (also Italian) and I will never forget her warmth and kindness. When we were in the long line I asked Joe if he was up for it and he insisted he was and I asked a man at the door who seemed to be with Connie's group if we would be able to see her with the line being so long and he said (Miss Francis never leaves until she has seen the last person in line!) and I have a feeling that Connie still does this to this day! A true Diva and a real person. by Bradly Briggs.

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