Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gary Meets Liza!

I thought maybe the guys and You might like to hear my story about how i met Liza. Back in the 80's Liza was presenting her protege Michael feinstein on Broadway for the first time(some protege btw Ive alway wanted to be like him he is so much like the pefromer I have aways aspired to be). Well anyway during the intermission of Michaels wonderful one man show I went out to the lobby to chat and lo and behold across the room was liza surrounded by some people. Ya see i had to make a choice. Do I go over and talk to her or just stand where i was in awe. Well my philosophy about people being just people under the skin famous or not worked in my favor this time. Over i went to speak with her and she was so damned down to earth I couldnt believe it. Well after the niceties and compliments i mentioned how inspirational i found Michael and she asked why and i told her that I had been a music teacher/part time accompanist and singer for many years, she was so impressed with ME!! that she complimented me by saying how wonderful and important my work was and that i was trying to expose children to the wonders of music. I couldnt believe my ears. She was actually impressed with what I did and SHE was and Is Liza Minnelli!! I fell in love with her even more that night so long ago and will never forget her kindness and REAL human manner. Just thought i would share. Needless to say I watched the rest of Michaels show up in the clouds. Thanks sammy and gang for indulging me in a wonderful memory, all my love Gary S from TBA

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