Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Meeting Ann~Margret" by Bradly Briggs

Ann-Margret is a real legend and so nice in person and one day I noticed when she walked in the door when I was working at Robinsons-May and I got a store stationery letter-head and took off for upstairs in the cosmetic dept when I figured she would be...decked out that day complete with a big hat she noticed me coming towards her and gave me a big smile and I was on cloud-nine and didn't want to be too much so I just told her how I loved her work and never thought anyone could do Blanche in Streetcar after Vivian but she proved that wrong...she was elated with that and threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug and kiss (I gave her a kiss back!) and almost lost her hat...told her that I felt she would win an award for Life Of The Party and was thrilled when she won Golden Globe for that great work!!! It was a stunning exchange and months later Rudy and I ran in to her in a hobby shop in Studio City and she remembered me and gave me a hug and I congratulated her for the win and introduced her to Rudy and we had a fun visit with her...shop owner after she left agreed with me that she is probably the sweetest and most natural of the big ones we have experienced and he told me that have a big show biz clientele and Ann-Margaret is his favorite...a wondrous experience and I miss working in BH!!! Love and best wishes, Bradly Briggs

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