Friday, June 20, 2008

Carly Simon Tells Howard Stern She's Not Gay, But Wishes She'd Tried

By Angela D'Amboise 6/19/2008 8:43 AM
She’s back with a brand new album—the highest debuting release of her career, thanks in part to a partnership with Starbucks—and now, 62-year-old Carly Simon is finally putting to rest those lesbian rumors that have followed her all these years.
After telling the gay press she “was not gay” in an interview a few months back, Simon went on to further explain on Howard Stern’s radio show earlier today.
"Have I made love to a woman? No. Now, I have been 'come on' to, but I was too uptight. But I wish that I had. I think that I'm too old for that (now). I have a fantastic boyfriend now who's almost a woman."
Simon wishing she’d made love to a woman in her life almost sounds like your standard Stern Playboy Bunny gimmick, but somehow, Simon kept the conversation serious and above the belt.
But according to Jenny Stewart at, when talks turned to her tumultuous relationship with James Taylor, Simon spilled a bit more in the way of graphic details.
According to Simon, the former couple have not said two words to each other in over 30 years, despite the fact that they have a daughter together. In fact, when their daughter Sally was married at Taylor’s home recently, he wouldn’t let Simon use his restroom.
Puts a lot of those more recent Hollywood splits in perspective, doesn’t it?

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