Monday, June 9, 2008

Scatletts strange missing brother, by GARY

Dear gang of mine, since the response to my Atlanta Coca Cola picture was so nice and welcoming I thought I might share this one with you. While in Atlanta I also had the good fortune to visit the house where Margaret Mitchell wrote her famous Gone With The Wind. That evening I had an authentic southern dinner at a restaurant called Aunt Pity Pats Porch. Complete with an in door veranda filled with rocking chairs overlooking a downstairs dining room. The ambience was lovely and the theme was naturally Gone With The Wind with pictures artifacts everywhere. I just had to get into the action so for your enjoyment and hopefully a little chuckle here is a picture I like to call Scarletts strange missing brother. Have agreat day La LAAAAAAAAAAAAA La laaaaaaaaah(Gone With The Wind) the theme. All my love, Gary S from TBA =

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