Sunday, June 8, 2008

What color will Liza wear at The Tony Awards? by BRYAN!

hmmmmm. While Red is a signature-color with Liza, and one she's incorporated in the tour....I'm not sure she'd do red at the Tonys.
(She is Truly a Person-of-the-Theatre, and so, I think, she might not want "Liza-Red" at this one...)
All that said: She won't be, uh, 'staid and proper', but it might be Classic black/easy, comfortable....she Is a Dancer...and B'way is a movement-area....
I think, that it might have Li's thinking, about what she's Presenting-for, , , and, , , well, Liza's personal wish-to-wear, , , , , I am gettin' a vibe, often, that because of RadioCityMusicHall, that Liza might opt for something in Yellow, because of her Dad, because of the Place.....and Holy Smokes! Would be Beautiful, , , by Bryan.

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