Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CHITA "After Dark" 1976

I think I read about every copy of After dark while it was published and I miss it dearly. The cover of Chita is a hoot and I remember this cover for a particular reason. In summer of 1975 the original Chicago was on broadway as was the original Chorus Line which had been transported to Broadway from Joe Papps Public theatre. Anyway the original Chicago featured Chita as Velma Kelly and Gwen verdon as Roxie Hart. No I didnt see LIZA oh well! Anyway i was having a real downer in my life and decided to dress up and treat myself to a performance of Bob Fosses great Chicago. I had a deep summer tan and I was wearing(get this) a bright canary yellow rayon open shirt with a white linen jacket and white slacks. The only ticket available was the box seat to the left of the stage. Ya see most of Gwens and Chitas numbers were played to THAT side of the stage and I was by myself in the front seat of the box overlooking them.I guess I must have looked okay(he humbly said) as both Chita and Gwen would look up at me often during the show. Belive me I felt much better by this point!! Anway when the intermission came the people in the orchestra kept looking up at me wondering who the hell this person who looks like he just stepped off a cruise was. To say the least I was delighted and still remember. I went home on a super high of memories. LOL Had to indulge myself when i saw Chitas cover,thanks sammy wonderful friend, Gary S from TBA PS maybe I should have asked for autographs???? lolololol!!

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