Saturday, June 14, 2008


Some Rufus information fromRunning Bear. [a Rufus fan] ` Product Description RUFUS WAINWRIGHT - RUFUS DOES JUDY AT CARNEGIE HALL - CD ALONG WITH A36-PIECE ORCHESTRA RE-CREATES JUDY GARLAND'S CELEBRATED 1961 CARNEGIEHALL CONCERT SONG-FOR-SONG ` On June 14, 2006, Rufus Wainwright took to the stage to recreate "theGreatest Show of All Time ever staged in honor of the Greatest Show ofAll Time"--Judy Garland's legendary 1961 concert at Carnegie Hall;song-for-song, in its original venue. Garland fanatics feared a fiasco,but the show was a triumph. His sophisticated act of homage to his herowas both a loving tribute and an arch commentary on the original,featuring classics like "Over The Rainbow," "Come Rain Or Come Shine"and "Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart." ` Backed by a 36-piece orchestra and arranged by the Broadway famedStephen Oremus (Wicked, Avenue Q), Rufus's vocal talent soars over thoseclassic melodies on this 2-disc set. Also Available: RUFUS WAINWRIGHT - RUFUS! RUFUS! RUFUS! DOES JUDY! JUDY!JUDY! LIVE AT THE LONDON PALLADIUM -DVD ---------------------------------------------- A Tribute That's a Triumph!, December 4, 2007 By W. Kirchmeyer(Chicago, IL United States) - See all my reviews ` I was one of the fortunate audience members at the first incarnation ofthis show, at Carnegie Hall on June 14, 2006. I also had the greatpleasure (even though Rufus was not in his best vocal shape that night)of seeing the show re-created at the Hollywood Bowl in September, 2007. ` I wish I'd been able to go to London to see the show featured onthis DVD. Being a huge fan (along with millions of others!) of theoriginal concert Judy recorded, I was thrilled to have been able to seethe show in person twice and now I can re-live the excitement whenever Iwant, by watching the DVD. The DVD re-creates the thrill of being in theaudience. While the London crowd is a bit more subdued than the NY or LAcrowds were, the performance is first rate, with many of Rufie'shumorous anecdotes and top notch vocals. Also featured are performancesby Rufus' sister, Martha Wainwright, singing a spectacular "StormyWeather" and a duet of "After You've Gone" with Judy Garland's youngestdaughter, Lorna Luft. Kate McGarrigle, Rufus' mother, also makes dualappearances at the piano for "Over The Rainbow" and several selectionsduring the 'encore' portion of the show. Also something special is LornaLuft's encore, where she is visibly moved, after singing the song"Bluebird" which Judy sang (on the same Palladium stage) in her lastmovie, "I Could Go On Singing". While all of Rufus' songs are wonderful,especially notable are "That's Entertainment", "Come Rain or Come Shine"(Rufus quipped, after the Hollywood Bowl performance: "I'm glad this isthe last time I have to sing that one"), "If Love Were All", "Zing! WentThe Strings of My Heart", "Rock-a-bye You're Baby...", and, my twofavorites, "Chicago" and "San Francisco" (which he repeats as a finalencore). You will thoroughly enjoy this DVD if you are either a RufusWainwright or a Judy Garland fan. (or both!) I wish they had shot thevideo at Carnegie Hall, but having this London performance is truly agift I will enjoy many times. .............................................. www.rufuswainwright.cominfo. on Rufus plus tour schedule.

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